Yes, you read that right. The MetaProject is all about artists.

The MetaScream is the first artwork being minted. A unique multi -layers -artists -platforms -currents -currencies NFT.
Created upon the masterpiece The Scream by Edvard Munch, the complete artwork is composed of 8+1 Layers.

By its very nature, The MetaScream is going to be minted on different NFT marketplaces. Some of them, like Foundation, are not accessible to every artist: there’s a community upvote. Or, you have to be invited to create.

But the good news it that when you take part in The MetaProject, you don’t have to worry anymore about Foundation invites: once your work will be selected, you’ll receive also an invite for minting it on Foundation!

How to apply? Here:
It’s free!

Everything is illuminated.



The time has come. Starting from June 24th, 2021, the first layers of the first artwork of Meta Project will be minted on Foundation and, simultaneously, on OpenSea. The hunt to recompose The MetaScream begins.

So what is The MetaScream?

It is abstract art, even if it originates by a figurative artwork.
It is generative art, even if the artist’s eye decides every single cut.
It mixes nowadays advanced techniques with colors and traits at the turn of 20th Century.
And especially The MetaScream joins emergent culture with the established art.

To know more:

If you are an artist, you can take part in it: